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Customer Perspective Scorecards

Customer perspective
Use the balanced scorecard template to complete the project.
Creating a balanced scorecard of customer perspective section using AnthonyĆ¢??s Orchard website
A key decision-making tool a company uses to execute its strategic plans and improve upon future decisions and results is the balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard provides a framework for performance measurements that helps identify what should be done and measured. The balanced scorecard is divided into four perspectives to find a balance between internal and external measures, performance results, and drivers of future results. Creating a balanced scorecard of customer perspective section.


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Balanced Scorecard-Consumer Perspective:

From the customer's perspective, implementing a customer satisfaction rating program will result to an increase in the customer satisfaction by a certain percent by the end of the first financial year or its implementation and the end of the other years to come. This is directly linked to the organization's vision of being the leading organization in customer loyalty (Anthony orchard, 2009) in the industry as incorporating the strategic objectives present in the balanced scorecard results to an increase in customer ...

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Consumer perspective scorecards are examined. The expert creates a balanced scorecard template for customer perspective sections.