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    The Master Budget Scorecard

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    1. Comment on the 4 key criteria of the balanced scorecard that are relative to a specific public company.

    2. Research an article about a company's use of the balanced scorecard, and present a 2â?"3 paragraph synopsis of the article.

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    Four key criteria:

    A balanced scorecard contains four criteria that include financial perspective, customer perspective, internal process perspective, and learning and growth perspective. The financial perspective is concerned with financial goals in a company and assists the business in monitoring financial performance and also in tracking shareholder value (Jeong & Gagnon, 2006). Customer perspectives provide a company's desired relationship with its customers and market share objectives. Internal process perspective provides company objectives relating to internal operations and provides essential processes that aim to meet customer objectives. Learning and growth perspective relate to intangible assets that can be used to assist the company in achieving its objectives (Jeong & Gagnon, 2006).

    An example is Philips Electronics which ...

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    The master budget scorecards are examined. The four key criteria of the balanced scorecards are determined.