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    Performance Management

    Performance management can focus on a specific process or on entire departments. Measuring tools can include performance appraisals, reviews, and forms. Performance management is essential in order to foster an environment that values communication and hard work. Performance management includes the execution of new training plans that are identified during individualized coaching sessions.

    Supervisors and managers need to utilize performance management analyses in order to create a mutual understanding between employees and management over the goals of the organization. Employees need to know what to accomplish and how to accomplish the new goals. The main areas of improvement are usually: financial management, customer service, internal business processes, and employee learning¹. There are also multi-level evaluations that a company can perform in order to ensure efficiency. These include 360 feedback systems, multi-source feedback systems, multi-rater assessments, upward feedback, and peer evaluations¹.

    Many employees dislike performance appraisals and management. Performance management can even be considered discouraging or diminishing to the morale of employees because they point out the flaws that workers possess. Managers also have to take time from their regular activities in order to appraise their employees. Depending on the policies set by the HR departments, these performances can be frequent or annual. Therefore, a balanced approach needs to be taken in order to improve business processes but keep morale high.

    When running a performance managemnet, it is best to set goals. A few examples of some goals of performance management include developing a clear understanding of job standards, the frequency for monitoring job performance, the frequency of reviews, and finally, how to improve underperformance. 


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    The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used to align business activities to the vision and strategy of an organization.

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    The 360-degree feedback is a performance evaluation tool that incorporates feedback from the worker, their peers, superiors, subordinates, and customers.

    Management By Objectives (MBO)

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    MBO is a goal-oriented management approach where managers and employees bilaterally set objectives to work towards.

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