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    Negative Performance Review

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    Elaine Bridgewater, the former professional golfer you hired to oversee your golf equipment company's relationship with retailers, knows the business inside and out. As a former touring pro, she has unmatched credibility. She also has seemingly boundless energy, solid technical knowledge, and an engaging personal style. Unfortunately, she hasn't been quite as attentive as she needs to be when it comes to communicating with retailers. You've been getting complaints about voice-mail messages gone unanswered for days, confusing e-mail that require two or three rounds of clarification, and reports that are haphazardly thrown together. As valuable as Bridgewater's other skills are, she's going to cost the company sales if this goes on much longer. The retail channel is vital to your company's survival, and she's the employee most involved in the channel.

    Your task: Draft a brief, informal performance appraisal and improvement plan for Bridgewater. Be sure to compliment her on the areas in which she excels, but don't shy away form highlighting the areas that need to improve, too: punctual response to customer messages: clear writing: and careful revision, production, and proofreading. Use what you've learned in this course so far to supply any additional advice about the importance of these skills.

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    I will create a draft for you to improve with information from your class. It is imperative that you apply those lessons to improve the draft.

    To: Elaine Bridgewater

    Re: Review

    Hi Elaine. It is great having you onboard and everyone is excited to know you are on our team. Retailers are excited to work with and hopefully gain insight into the game and the products. Your internal work has been great! Our R&D and marketing people are learning about what the pro and amateur golfer's need to make up a winning game. Keep it up.

    The one area that currently needs work is with the communications with the retailers. I have received a few complaints about the lack of response to emails. I understand that moving from the golf ...

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