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    Performance Reviews

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    As a UOP Faculty Member I get graded periodically by my students and I always look forward to it. It is a sign of maturity and emotional intelligence to be able to take constructive , and not so constructive, criticism. On the other hand, the feedback mostly tells me what the students like about my classes so I adapt what I can to make it even more meaningful for the next group. I learn something every class.

    Even though it is not formalized, your parents probably also give you a probationary evaluation. There is that first tentative period getting to know each other, and how good the fit is for everyone.

    The Probationary Evaluation is one of the most important. In my experience if a new employee is not catching on in two weeks it is best to cut your losses and begin recruiting again. Recruiting is an expensive, sometimes lengthy process, and the Probationary Evaluation is the time to confirm you made the right choice. Most states allow the employer to terminate without cause during the probationary period. If a manager is unsure of the employee's performance the probationary period can, and must be, extended to protect the organization in the event that the employee is unable to complete a written corrective action plan.

    The Performance Review is a document that is vital to the health of any organization. New managers must be trained appropriately to prevent problems rather than create them. Addressing problems before taking corrective action is the best approach.

    Class, what can be done by the manager and HR to prevent problems before the issues rise to the level of a poor performance review?

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    Prior to a matter rising to the level of a poor performance review, a manager/supervisor should sit down with any employee for whom he or she have concerns. It is important to address any concerns that a manager is having with an employee at ...

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