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The Importance of Organizational Feedback

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Evaluate the importance of employee feedback from the manager's stand point, as well as, the employee's stand point. Discuss the three approaches managers can take to conducting feedback. In your opinion, what is the approach you would prefer and why?

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Feedback can be positive or negative. Proper attention must be taken specifically on negative feedbacks. Feedback guides the organization towards rectifying itself and making sure that such an event or situation will not be repeated in the future.

Billikopf (2006) said that "performance appraisal is a vehicle to (1) validate and refine organizational actions (e.g. selection, training); and (2) provide feedback to employees with an eye on improving future performance".

Juneja (2009) stipulated that "feedback ...

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The solution evaluates the importance of employee-employer feedback. It also discusses the three approaches managers can take to conducting feedback and which one is preferable.

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