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    Team-Based Rewards Aspects

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    Review Case Study 11-3, "Team-Based Rewards for the State of Georgia", on page 285â?"286 of the text. Identify and evaluate the aspects of the reward system described for both positive and negative aspects.

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    Running Head: Aspects of the state of Georgia reward system

    Aspects of the state of Georgia reward system
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    The state of Georgia's Department of Human Resources updated its performance management system in 2001. This paper reviews the positive and negative aspects of the state of Georgia team based rewards system from case study 11-3.
    Aspects of the state of Georgia reward system
    Positive aspects
    Based on the features of a good reward system the positive aspects of the state of Georgia reward system are as follows: some of the core reward values have been honored. These are pay for performance financial rewards such as base salary, pay incentives and employee benefits. In the state of Georgia salary increases are awarded annually to eligible employees based on their performance. The employees who obtain a "met expectations" evaluation all ...

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