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Conducting Performance Reviews

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The appraisal performance process according to Dessler (2013) involves "setting work standards, assessing the employee's actual performance relative to those standards, and providing feedback to the employee with the aim of helping him or her to eliminate performance deficiencies or to continue to perform above par. Managers must ensure that employees receive some form of performance appraisal in order to improve their work efficiency and even competency."

If it were up to me, I would change the performance appraisal by implementing an end of the year reward evaluation based on how that individual employee performed throughout the entire year. For example, if an employee began performing poorly early in the year and then increased their performance because of the appraisal process, that employee would be rewarded handsomely. However, if the employee did not show any progress throughout the year, the reward may be less substantial. I would also implement a weekly performance appraisal process for all employees. This action would help me monitor their progress and would also help the individual employees see where they stand and what they need to do to improve.

Employees who consistently underperform would be given a strict performance appraisal that would, hopefully, shake them into improving. Separating the rewards and performance appraisals would provide employees with fair outcomes. Let's say I were to appraise an employee at the beginning of the year, and they underperformed they would receive no reward, on the other hand, an employee who performed well would be given a reward. Employee's gossip and the word would spread that the better employee received a reward, I think this would be a negative motivating factor for some employees. That is why I think that the end of the year review would be a more accurate reflection of their entire performance and would be in line with keeping employees motivated. Also, the end of the year review would not be conducted solely by the employee's direct supervisor. I would incorporate a team of individual managers from different divisions or departments. This action will prevent any negative bias if the direct supervisor does not get along with the employee. All in all, being able to accurately and timely perform performance appraisals will be beneficial to the organization and the individual employee.

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I agree that employees should be reviewed based on their output for the entire year. A weekly performance appraisal might be a bit much but certainly a monthly review would be worthwhile. Drucker's management by objectives process is a reasonable method to follow, in which a manager and employee determine an employee's objectives based on the organization's goals, and then reviewed the objectives to ensure progress has been made. By doing this, there ...

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