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    You are the Director of Human Resources for a prosperous Travel Agency "Destination Adventure!" The company has been so successful that in the past two years the number of employees within your company has tripled and many of the company policies need to be changed. After a recent review you've discovered one of those is the company "performance appraisal/performance evaluation" program.

    It appears many managers and supervisors are being inconsistent in the way they rate or evaluate their employees. You want to identify and head off any potential problems.

    Your preliminary analysis has discovered it's not a process or administrative issue but the way in which your managers and supervisors rate and measure their employee's performance. Before you can take any corrective actions (training, etc.) it will be important for you to do two things; (1) identify specific problems & (2) come up with solutions to those problem to prevent them from reoccurring,

    Identify and describe a minimum of 3 problems, relating to decision making that occur when managers complete performance reviews. Since the focus of our class is on decision making focus on problems that relate to decision issues in your findings. Be sure you identify each problem separately (don't put all your findings in a single large block paragraph).

    Provide specific suggestions for each of the problems you identified so that supervisors can eliminate or reduce each of the problems identified. Try to avoid "general" recommendations as they rarely cover or help correct all the problems you will identify.
    References are to be provided in APA style.

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    Interesting topic! One approach to help you with an assignment like this one is to look at several potential problems related to decison-making by managers in the performance review process. This is the approach this response takes. I also attached two excellent resources e.g. performance reviews and APA resource.

    Let's take a closer look.


    Bacal (1998) discusses in his book some of the 'dumb' decisions managers do ending up destroying a process of performance appraisals/reviews that is important to everyone (or should be). Let's go through ten of these things, some of which are based on decision-making of the manager that you can consider for your final copy.

    According to Bacal (1998), some of decisions that managers make that compromise the performance review process are:

    (1) (Decide to) Spend more time on performance review/appraisal than performance PLANNING, or ongoing performance communication.

    Performance review/appraisal is the end of a process that goes on all the time - a process that is based on good communication between manager and employee. So, instead, more time should be spent preventing performance problems than evaluating at the end of the year. When managers do good things during the year, the appraisal is easy to do and comfortable, because there won't be any surprises (see attached resource for other considerations or to expand on these ideas).

    (2) (Decide to) Compare employees with each other.

    "Want to create bad feelings, damage morale, and get staff to compete so badly they will not work as a team? Then rank staff or compare staff. A guaranteed technique. And heck, not only can a manager create friction among staff, but the manager can become a great target for that hostility too. A bonus!" (Bacal, 1998) Instead, review performance in terms of objective behaviors needed for the job as listed in the job description (see attached resource: "How to conduct a performance review.doc")

    (3) (Decide to) Forget appraisal is about improvement, not blame.

    Managers do appraisals/reviews to improve performance, not find a donkey to pin a tail on or blame, according to Bacal (1998). Managers who forget this unfortunately end up developing staff that don't trust ...

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    Referring to a travel agency, this solution identifies and describes 10 problems relating to decision making that occurs when managers complete performance reviews and identifies potential solutions to eliminate or reduce each of the problems identified. Supplemented with an artilce on how to conduct a performaance review.