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    Sample Performance Management Plan

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    Please provide a sample performance management plan for a fictitious company. Please include references.

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    TO: Landslide Limousines
    SUBJECT: Landslide Limousine Performance Management Plan
    As a startup company, Landslide Limousine will face many challenges, including projected first year revenues in the negative tens of thousands and the hiring of up to twenty-five new employees. In such an environment, managing employee performance is crucial to ensure that all employees are working toward the goal of making the company as profitable as possible, as soon as possible. Moreover, offering employees clear, achievable incentives for working toward such goals will help to maintain a quality workforce interested in keeping the company profitable while, at the same time, reduce the costs associated with employee turnover, recruitment and training. Ideally, with proper management, turnover at Landslide Limousines will be kept at a level below ten percent.
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    This solution offers a sample performance management plan for a fictional company known as Landslide limousines. Using the template, students will be able to create their own plan for the company they are working with. The plan is presented in memorandum for with APA-formatted references in approximately 550 words.