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How to Develop an Employee Training Plan

Develop a plan for the training needs of hourly paid staff of a Domino's Pizza franchise.

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A suggested step-by-step approach to completion of this assignment is as follows:

Step 1: Write detailed job descriptions for the positions that are filled by the hourly paid staff.

Examples of jobs that may exist at Domino's Pizza include cook, cashier, custodian, delivery driver, etc. A sample job description for the hourly cashier could include:

1. Greets customers who walk into the franchise
2. Takes orders from customers
3. Rings up orders and receives payment from customers
4. Calculates and dispenses change due customer from payment received
5. Reviews orders for accuracy/completeness
6. Packages orders for customers

Step 2: Develop minimum qualifications for each job description.

Management should evaluate the job description for each aspect of every hourly paid position and develop minimum qualifications of employees based on what their specific job duties entail. The minimum qualifications of a cashier ...

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This 570-word solution includes a step-by-step approach to developing a training plan for Domino's. The solution includes details of what is needed along with examples in each step. This solution specifies Domino's Pizza but could be used to develop a training plan for employees of any organization.