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    Developing a Training Plan for Group and Team Management

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    Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

    Develop a training plan to increase the effectiveness of groups and teams by discussing challenges and benefits of group and team communication, collaboration, and conflict.

    Describe how the program would work in an organization and how it would help the organization succeed. What unique challenges could the plan address?

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    Training is a key opportunity for employees to learn the components which management has identified as important to the corporation. In addition, training employees gives management a chance to review each employee's current skill set and abilities. Just as the equipment in a fitness facility must be maintained, so must the employees of the facility. Developing better sales and customer service skills is an ongoing process. Sometimes employees forget best practices or may never have known. Getting everyone on the same page can make a big difference in the overall operation of the facility. Training should be used as a management tool to ensure superior customer service, safe operations, and increased sales in fitness facilities.

    Employees need to be trained in a variety of functions, depending on their position; however, all employees need some skills. This skill set would include greeting customers, dress code, telephone etiquette, and emergency procedures. Training can start when a new employee begins employment but smart managers continue to interject training opportunities into staff meetings and everyday opportunities. Training employees increases job proficiency, encouraging employee retention, and can lead to employee promotions. Training offers managers a chance to instill core values, corporate culture, and the concepts of the operation to employees. It is important that employees are trained to take care of customers and are made aware that the only money the facility has is through the members. Outlining to employees the foundations of good customer service and showing them how to provide good service will make a difference in the atmosphere of the club as well as member retention and recruitment.

    Training and safety go hand and hand, and some training is required by government regulations and insurance companies to reduce liability and risk against the facility (Loflin & Kipp, 1997). For instance, OSHA publishes guidelines which provide information "on the training and record-keeping procedures related to avoiding and handling bloodborne pathogens" (Bates, 2008, p.254). This training must take place, as well as First Aid training, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training, and Automated External Defibrillator training. Certain employees ...

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