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    LRH Manufacturing Project planning activities

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    You are currently working for LRH Manufacturing as a manager overseeing the Information Technology department. LRH is a cross-functional corporation that develops medical devices used at hospitals and universities. The company has a history of developing innovative and creative products for their clients. All of the medical devices that are produced must first meet rigorous government regulations and guidelines. One of the regulations focuses on these points:

    Professional development/standard employee training
    System (process) in updating and monitoring of internal training records
    Mandated employee training policy
    Attendance records verifying employee training participation and completion
    The majority of the executive management team has decided that the current training management system needs to be revamped and updated. The current training management system is done manually and stored in a binder; therefore, it is difficult to determine the accuracy of the information.

    In a recent meeting the executive management team has announced a company-wide initiative-the implementation of a new web-based training management system. The new system will require all personnel to use the system to sign-up for training, document training competition and to monitor their involvement in their assigned projects. This would ensure that the government regulations are being followed and met.

    To oversee this responsibility, the executive management team has created a new position, Web-Based Training Project Manager. The responsibilities of this position will be to select and oversee the training and implementation of the new training management system, as well as monitor company-wide training attendance and identify people who are "out of compliance."

    You and the executive management team anticipate that there will be some resistance from various departments. Departments such as Manufacturing, will be required to use tools they have never used or refused to use before. Because instructional designers in the Training Department develop instructor-led training, they often have shunned implementation of any web-based system. Additionally, department managers' responsibilities will increase. They will be required to learn to use the system to assign courses to their direct reports and monitor the timely completion of the courses.

    You are happy in your role as the manager of the Information Technology department, but you are very interested in pursuing the Web-Based Training Project Manager position for your professional growth.

    Details: You are completing the project planning activities and have identified the project stakeholders to include department managers and executive management of the following departments:

    Customer Service
    Human Resources
    Information Technology
    Office Management
    Product Development Research,
    Manufacturing Distribution

    The VP of Operations is the project sponsor. The VP of Operations oversees the Finance, Human Resources, Office Management, and Information Technology departments. The active team is comprised of approximately ten people, with input/approval from approximately ten additional individuals. Develop a comprehensive communication plan. As part of your communication plan, include the following:

    Define your target audience(s).
    Explain the information that you will share with members of each audience.
    Document the frequency of communication and medium of communication that you plan to use with each target audience.
    Describe the approach that you will take to monitor project status, manage stakeholders, and obtain deliverable sign-offs.
    Explain any communications that will take place with the remainder of the organization throughout the project.

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    Define your target audience(s).

    The first target audience is the department managers, the second target audience is the active team that will implement the project, and the third target audience will be the employees that will be trained.

    Explain the information that you will share with members of each audience.

    The information that I will give to the members of the active team (work group) will be the objectives of the project, the expected results, how the expected results will lead to adequate training of personnel. The possible resistance expected from different managers, especially from the manufacturing department. How the results would be achieved. The effective use of information infrastructure of the company, how the government regulations should be used to implement the project, and the changes that should be made in the web-based training material that will be used to improve the training experience.

    The department managers will be informed of the government regulations and guidelines for training of personnel. The legal necessity for implementing the training program for all employees, including those of the manufacturing department. The need and the advantages of web-based training. The penalties, fines, and action that LRH Manufacturing may face if it does not implement the government regulations within the given deadline will be communicated ...

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