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    LRH Manufacturing: Design a communication plan for your organization

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    I need a communication plan for the information for a project I am working on. The scenerio for this problem is included below.

    Your employer, LRH Manufacturing, creates a device used in various medical products. All work done on the device must meet government regulations and guidelines. One of the regulations focuses on these points:
    - Staff training
    - Maintenance of accurate training records
    - Mandated company training
    - Records of training attendance

    Executive management has decided the current training management system is unacceptable because all training documentation is captured manually and stored in a binder. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the accuracy of the information.

    As a result, executive management has announced a company-wide initiative?the implementation of a new web-based training management system. All personnel will be responsible for using the system to sign up for training and to monitor their involvement in regulated product projects.

    To oversee this responsibility, executive management has created a new position, Web-Based Training Project Manager. The responsibilities of this position will be to select and oversee the training and implementation of the new training management system, as well as monitor company-wide training attendance and identify people who are "out of compliance."

    Executive management anticipates some departments will show resistance. Departments, such as Manufacturing, will be required to use tools they have never used or refused to use before. Because instructional designers in the Training Department develop instructor-led training, they often have shunned implementation of any web-based system. Also, Department managers' responsibilities will increase. They will be required to learn how to use the system to assign courses to their direct reports and monitor the timely completion of the courses.

    Currently, you are the Manager of the Information Technology department. However, you are very interested in the Web-Based Training Project Manager position

    You are completing the project planning activities and have identified the project stakeholders to include department managers and executive management of the following departments:
    - Sales
    - Marketing
    - Customer Service
    - Finance
    - Human Resources
    - Information Technology
    - Office Management
    - Product Development Research,
    - Manufacturing Distribution

    The VP of Operations is the project sponsor. The VP of Operations oversees the Finance, Human Resources, Office Management, and Information Technology departments. The active team is comprised of approximately ten people, with input/approval from approximately ten additional individuals. Develop a comprehensive communication plan. As part of your communication plan, include the following:

    - Define your target audience(s).
    - Explain the information that you will share with members of each audience.
    - Document the frequency of communication and medium of communication that you plan to use with each target audience.
    - Describe the approach that you will take to monitor project status, escalate issues, and obtain deliverable sign-offs.
    - Explain any communications that will take place with the remainder of the organization throughout the project.

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    The target audience is the department managers of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Office Management, Product Development Research and Manufacturing. This is the specified audience for which the communications message needs to be designed.

    The information that I need to share with this audience is that LRH Manufacturing is in a business (creating a device used in various medical products) where LRH Manufacturing must meet all relevant government guidelines. One of the regulations relates to the four issues of staff training, maintenance of accurate training records, mandated company training and the records of training attendance. The point that I need to share with the target audience is that the current system of training documentation is to capture information physically and accumulate it in a binder. This makes it very difficult to appraise the accuracy or otherwise of the information. In response to the need for compliance with the government regulations, the company has decided to implement a new web-based training management system. Every one needs to use the web based training management system by ...

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    The solution presents a good discussion in which each part of the plan or topic is well-covered. It is a realistic response from which a formal communication plan could easily be written for the new training management system.