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    Organizational Behavior - HR

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    Assessment #4 Communications and HRM Issues

    Globalization has been an area of focus for many different organizations (i.e., retail, manufacturing, fast food, and etc.). When organizations move into foreign markets they must adapt to communication, culture, and human resource issues. For this assessment, you are a HR manager and you have been tasked to transfer several managers from your XYZ company (Business Organization is below) in the US to manage the opening up a new facility in (Country is below).

    Please complete the following actions and write a 4-5 page report:

    o Analyze the communication differences between the U.S. and this country, summarize the expected communication issues, and recommend corrective actions.

    o Analyze the cultural and workforce differences between the U.S. and this country. Summarize the differences and explain how each of these could create HRM issues for your U.S. management team such as job design, motivation, and other HRM issues.

    o Recommend corrective actions for the HRM issues you outlined.

    o Support your conclusions (country information, actions taken by firms operating in the country, best practices with HRM) with at least 3 reference sources, other than the course textbook. Cite your references in APA format.

    For Assessment # 4, please assume that the organization which you represent is a high-tech engineering firm, specializing in infrastructure development for communications. Your organization has been contracted by the government of Turkey to produce a plan for broad usage of cellular telephones to replace an aging land-line structure.

    This is one piece of several that I am writing for a course I am taking. It needs to be in APA style.

    Thank You.

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