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Oct 2008
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Guillermo Furniture: Optimal WACC, valuation techniques to reduce risk, NPV

See attached files.

Access the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario and focus on the analysis of different alternatives available to Guillermo.

Determine the optimal WACC and discuss the use of multiple valuation techniques in reducing risks. In addition, calculate NPV of future cash flows for READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Capital Budgeting / Net Present Value (NPV) » 286905

Deferred Tax Method, Accounting Changes, Rationale for a Subsidiary

As the CPA for a large organization, your manager has asked you to provide information to outside CPAs who are examining a subsidiary that has been set up as a corporation. As part of their review, the CPAs have asked you to provide them with the following explanations:

The methodology used to de READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy / The Multinational Corporation » 265839

Variable, Fixed, Mixed Costs

Fowler Company manufactures a single product. Annual production costs incurred
in the manufacturing process are shown below for two levels of production.


Costs Incurred
Production in Units 5,000 10,000
Total Cost/ Total Cost/
Production Costs Cost Unit Cost Unit
Direct materials READ MORE »

Business / Accounting » 224728

Benefits to investors and business; potential risks; revisions

Following a European Union mandate, from January 1, 2005, onwards approximately 7,000 companies whose stock is publicly traded on European stock exchanges were required to issue all future financial accounts in a format agreed upon by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). In addition, READ MORE »

Business / Finance / International Finance » 339181

Evaluating Using Traditional NPV and the Real Options Approach

SIMPLE EXAMPLE: A company must decide whether to invest $100 million in developing and implementing a new enterprise system in the face of considerable technological and market (demand for product and market share) uncertainty. The firm's cost of capital is 10%.

1. Evaluate Using Conventional NP READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Capital Budgeting / Real Options Valuation » 262491
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