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    Human Resource Management

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    See attached file for case study

    Using information from the case study and your knowledge of the business world, create a stakeholder analysis of the following:

    Executive management
    Department management
    Hourly manufacturing employees and supervisors
    Sales employees

    At a high level, define their responsibilities, familiarity with the subject matter, and impact of the change. Describe any anticipated resistance to the new processes from either the entire stakeholder audience or from key individuals.

    Identify the change management activities that will be taken for that stakeholder audience. Describe the mechanism(s), frequency, the content, and any other information relevant to the plans.

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    // The Change Management practices are essential in the organization in order to respond to the new and dynamic change. For this, every employee needs to understand his respective role in order to have positive impact of change. In order to support the above mentioned things, this paper will help in better understanding the changes.//

    The Organizational Change Management Plan comprehends all the activities aimed at helping an organization to adopt and implement the new technologies and enhance ways to serve its customers. In the changing environment, the effective change management plan helps in the transformation of strategy, process, technology and people, to enhance performance and assure continuous improvement in an organization.

    //Above was a small understanding about importance of the organization change management plan and now, we will learn about the responsibility of different personnel in order to have best change practices//

    Executive management: The responsibility of executive management is to assemble and make effective utilization of the available resources. The resources can be classified as people, time and money. They are required to make the strategic plan and policies for staffing, marketing and financial management. The top level managers need to organize meetings and short term presentations to get familiar with the subject matter. Other activities include general framework and guidelines practices, two way communication and installing computers, etc. The management must have timely records through audit committee of the working, documentation, schedule of projects and tasks of web based project managers, to ascertain ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 982 words with references.