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Skills For A Successful Project Manager

Your company, LRH Products, is about to attend a major trade show event in Kansas City, MO. You are a member of the marketing team that was selected to manage the project. The project includes all the activities necessary to update the trade show display, re-stock the collaterals (brochures, signs, presentations), order new give-aways, transport the trade show materials, and make all travel arrangements. At this time, you do not need to update any of the printed collaterals, but the presentation will likely need some updating and small modifications. The sales people who will staff the booth also need to be identified, notified, and trained.

The Marketing Manager of LRH Products is very impressed with your work thus far and has asked you to be part of a group formed to create some project management related corporate training documentation.

Write an essay that explains and discusses the skills to be a successful project manager.

I need help getting started. Thank you.

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1. I need help in writing an essay that explains and discusses the skills to be a successful project manager.

First, project managers need essential management, communication, and interpersonal skills, including: leadership, flexibility, business judgment, trustworthiness, communication, coaching and mentoring; and negotiation, prioritizing, planning, managing, and reflecting. For example,

? Leadership - The project manager is given authority to lead a project, but real leadership involves translating a vision into action, motivating the team, influencing colleagues, and seeing the project through each stage.

? Flexibility - One of the project manager's primary responsibilities is to keep the project on course, no matter what obstacles the team encounters. Project managers must adapt to ever-changing project conditions and manage the team's actions.

? Business judgment - The project manager knows more than any other team member the business reasons behind the project. The project manager must have a firm understanding of business strategy and objectives when making decisions.

? Trustworthiness - The organization invests a lot in the project manager, and team members' reputations rest partly on the projects they are part of. The project manager must exhibit integrity.

? Communication - The project manager communicates with ...

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In reference to the request of the Marketing Manager of LRH Products, this solution explains and discusses the skills required to be a successful project manager.