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IT project managers

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I need some help with these questions:

1. What types of project staffing skills have been identified as important for successful IT project managers?

2. What information is typically included in an initial IT project request? In a project charter?

3. What is a work breakdown analysis, and why is this concept important?

4. Why is it important to assess business user attitudes, not just their use of information?

5. How would you respond to the criticism that a proposed IT architecture is not feasible based on today's technology?

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Step 1
The successful IT project manager must have the skills of understanding the purpose of each position. In addition, he must be very accurate in preparing his staffing management plan. He must be able to connect and understand the staff then he will be able to assess their skills and attitudes precisely. He must have excellent interviewing skills because he can properly measure their skills. The project manager may not find staff with all the skills required so he must have the ability to identify training needs and get the staff trained before the project begins. Finally, the successful IT manger is able to communicate the rewards that the staff will get. This is required for motivating them.

Step 2
The IT project request has the project name, sponsor's name, and the requirements of the IT project. Where the system will fit into the process is clearly shown. Next, the business need for ...

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