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Project Management of Applications

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Discuss the role of the project manager in the in-house development of a customized application. In what situations might both Information System managers and business managers serve as co-leaders of a project?

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The role of the project manager (PM) is the overall responsibility for the planning, execution, monitoring, control, and success of the development of the application. There are several key components to this role:

â?¢ Leading by example

o Project managers must use proper communication techniques to motivate their support staff.
â?¢ Soft skills

o The project manager must have a solid set of soft skills, including the ability to ask questions, detect assumptions, and resolve conflicts. The PM also needs general managerial skills.
â?¢ Guiding the project's success

o The PM is often the bearer of both good and bad news on a project's timeline, deliverables, and objectives.

To really understand what it takes to do the job of a project manager for an in-house app development, it is important to understand what project management is not.

â?¢ Project management is not an easy or solid process. Every ...

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