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    Software Project Management Tools

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    Tool selected = Primavera P6
    if it helps...compare it to other Proprietary desktop applications (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_project_management_software)
    Must be 5-7 pages long
    Please let me know if I can assist in any way...

    Research a software tool used to support software project management processes and the benefits of using the software tool to support software project management processes. Develop a research report of your findings.

    You may choose to research a software tool used to support one or more of the following process groups, knowledge areas, or phases of the systems development lifecycle:

    5 process groups from the PMIBOK
    - Initiation
    - Planning
    - Executing
    - Monitoring and Control
    - Closing

    9 knowledge areas from the PMIBOK
    - Time Management
    - Cost Management
    - Scope Management
    - Quality Management
    - Procurement Management
    - Integration Management
    - Risk Management
    - Human Resource Management
    - Communication Management

    Systems development lifecycle
    - Requirements Management
    - Design Management
    - Construction (Development) Management
    - Testing Management
    - Maintenance Management
    - Configuration Management
    - Process Management
    - Other

    The research report should describe and discuss what the information system is designed to do, how it is used to support the process, and why using the information system is superior to alternative methods.

    Where possible, justify, quantify and provide real world examples of the benefits.

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    The response address the queries posted in 1758 words with references.

    // This paper basically discusses about the 'Importance of Project Management' in the present scenario. Moving on, it is discussed, how the use of various software project management tools can be helpful in managing the software projects. The paper focuses on 'Primavera P6', which is an important software management tool.//

    Project Management

    The present day 'Project Management' involves a unique set management tools, techniques and methodologies. The subject of 'Project Management' has gained recognition as a specialized area of management about 50 years ago. Today, project management has spread from its traditional focus on the fields of construction and engineering into sectors as diverse as education, healthcare and software development.

    Organizations take up projects to perform a particular task or attain a specific goal. These tasks differ from project to project. The projects in an organization could be constructing a new facility, computerizing the accounts departments or studying the demand for a new product that the organization plans to launch in the market. All these projects have a specific goal or result to attain and hence it can be said that every project is goal-orientated (Primavera P6, 2008).

    The growth of electronic commerce and globalization has made software and Information Systems (IS) projects necessary today. Speed is of the essence when it comes to information dissemination and this is precisely why companies are now giving a lot of importance to IS projects. The complexity arises in incorporating software and information systems engineering with project management information systems.

    Information systems look at establishing a system by coding and testing procedures whereas project management deals with planning and controlling the various aspects like that of engineering to meet the project goals (cost, schedule and performance). The process is complex in its nature. Researchers have proved that most projects pertaining to software and information systems have failed to create a cognitive impact on the client in terms of performance, quality, time and cost.

    Information systems projects are getting more complex because of their need to use new technology. Project management plays a significant role in handling information systems projects because of the pressure on these projects to produce deliverables on time, within cost and meeting performance standards. Today's businesses demand highly complex and bigger systems. The organizations can no longer afford to keep their departments as watertight departments (Primavera P6, 2008).

    // Primavera P6 is an important management tool, which helps in easy administration and management of projects and their related problems. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the advantages of using this tool in Software Management.//

    The tool for the software project management which is selected is 'Primavera P6'. The previous version of Primavera P6 was Primavera P3. Primavera Enterprise Solution has various versions like Primavera P3e, P5 etc. ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1758 words with references.