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    Innovative Tools for Success

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    Your CEO is a visionary who wants you to transform the way the company conducts business. She is fascinated by computer software for project management and requires that you conduct a SWOT analysis of this service in relation to your specific project. You wish to gain good favor of the CEO by introducing innovative technology in addition to computer software. After all, the CEO is scheduled to retire this year and will probably be able to appoint her successor.

    Describe 2-4 innovative tools that can help the project manager analyze and improve success.
    State the respective advantages and disadvantages of each innovative tool.
    Provide your rationale for why each tool is an innovative one for enhancing projects.
    Analyze one piece of project management computer software, and develop an extensive SWOT analysis of it.
    Include how weaknesses and threats can be transformed into strengths.

    See the attached file for the case study.

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    One of the innovative technology tools to handle this crisis in an effective and efficient manner is use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to recruit new employees for the organization. Social media is being increasingly used by recruiters in leading companies to reach directly to the potential candidates in a cost effective manner as well as get access to significantly large pool of qualified candidates. It is a very innovative approach because it allows organization to enhance the awareness about company's brand among target candidates, helps in targeting the best talent in wide range of skill sets and helps in enhancing the depth of the network. However, one of the challenges of using social media to recruit candidates is lack of tools or information for conducting background checks or screening of potential candidates. Hence, social media is an innovative tool to source candidates, but may lack in terms of screening candidates as compared to the traditional recruiting approach. However, given its numerous ...

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    Describes innovative tools that can help the project manager analyze and improve success.