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Innovation process to change GM

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Prepare a paper in which you identify and discuss the two basic phases of the innovative process and how you will apply the innovative process to change GM. Identify the appropriate tools and techniques to be used in this process and explain why they were selected. Be sure to discuss how you will measure your results and what steps your selected organization will take to ensure continuous improvement.

Two phases:
-Preliminary analysis

Each point should include:
-How you will apply the innovative process
-Identify the appropriate tools & techniques used and why
-How you will measure the result & what steps GM will take to ensure continuous improvement

Creating central innovation department and innovation ambassadors.
Using Incremental innovation.
New leadership and empowering them.

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//Before writing about the innovation process, firstly, we will have to talk about the innovation. Understanding the concept of 'Innovation' is necessary to analyze its process. So, initially, we will discuss about the innovation, it process and definition, under the heading of introduction, for example: //


Innovation today serves as a specific tool for the entrepreneurs through which they can bring changes that are capable of providing numerous opportunities for growth. Innovative process is divided into the two basic phase's Preliminary analysis and definition.

Preliminary analysis: Before initiating innovative process there is a need to conduct preliminary analysis. This analysis helps in identifying the factors that can help in gaining unique advantage or benefits. It provides reason for the adoption of a particular change in a business or service. Preliminary analysis helps in identifying the area of diffusion, whether it is required in product, process or practice. Therefore, it is essential to conduct the preliminary analysis before initiating innovative process.

Definition: The innovative process involves problem definition tools. It helps to unite the consumer and the technical characteristics of innovation. In order to enhance the innovation process, interfacing of innovation philosophy would help in defining the methodology. This definition phase ...

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