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    Business Transformation

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    Explaining the transforming step in changing the mental model/mindset for a company. In this particular example, GM is the company and GMs management is pushing electric vehicle technology.

    The four steps to chaning the mental model in business are recognizing, test, overcome, and transform. How can accomplishing the "transformation" step alone reap rewards for a company.

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    The transforming step in changing the mindset for a company like General Motors:

    Albert Einstein is reported to have answered, "Figuring out how to think about the problem."

    Transforming is all about figuring out where you have been that is not working effectively and determining how to act differently in the future to get the results you you would like to see. Of course, this is all part of that 4 step process. In this example, GM is dedicated to changing the company mindset to developing electric vehicle technology in a very volatile environment (both the economic and the physical environment).

    In this 4 step process one has set about to recognize the problem and determined what things can be done to overcome the identified problem. In this case, it has been determined GM needs to ...