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The Future Direction of Digital Transformation

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1. Indicate areas of further research in digital transformation of the traditional business world that would be beneficial.

2. What potential impact might the digital transformation have on the overall state of the field and the future directions of IT for a competitive advantage research in the next 3-5years?

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1. Indicate specific areas of further research in digital transformation of traditional business that would prove beneficial.

Companies are facing an imperative when it comes to digital transformation. They have to decide whether to adopt these new technologies or become obsolete and old-fashioned. I believe there needs to be a sense of urgency and shared vision amongst leaders and those involved in the digital transformation process. As Fitzgerald, Kruschwitz, Bonnet, and Welch (2013) state "companies that succeed with digital transformation tend to have leaders who share their vision and define a road map, create cross-organizational authority for adoption and reward employees for working towards it."

There is huge potential for further research in digital transformation that would prove beneficial, as new ways are developed to enhance access and much creativity for many businesses. ...

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This solution identified areas of further research in digital transformation. It also lists ways that further research would be beneficial for traditional businesses.

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