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    Corporate Social Responsibility Policies and Practices

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    Write about a particular organization, in depth, describing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and practices (either the presence and/or absence of them). Support that organization's approach to CSR with research.

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    Samsung's corporate social responsibility (CSR), policies and practices

    1. Samsung business profile
    Samsung Electronics is part of one of the largest multi-billion dollar corporations in the world. In 2007 it exceeded the $100bn mark in annual sales for the first time in its history. This makes it one of the world's top three companies in the electronics industry where only two other companies, Siemens and Hewlett-Packard, have posted larger revenues. The name Samsung literally means 'three stars' or 'tristar' in Korean, reflecting the Samsung Group's dominance in two further sectors: Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Engineering and Construction. If you are talking innovation in Samsung walks the walk and is now the established leader in consumer electronics, providing a range of leading-edge premium products and, in their own words, 'leading the digital convergence revolution'. In so doing Samsung has made a remarkable transformation from copy-cat manufacturer to become Asia's most valuable ...

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    The solution looks at Samsung's corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and practices. In reference to its CSR, "Samsung is where there is need, to inspire the future and expand the minds of young people". The electronics company further declared that "by helping them fulfill their dreams through technology, we at Samsung believe that little by little, we're contributing to making the future for the whole world richer".