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    Organizational ethics and responsibility in the 21st century

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    Please provide some background information on the following:
    •How can managers please stakeholders while remaining ethical?
    •Explain the importance of ethical responsibility.
    •How do stakeholders impact decision-making?
    •How can a leader be profitable and ethical if the competition is not?
    •Give an example of a company that has been unethical and the consequences of that action. See: Eight Important Business Ethics Cases.
    •Give an example of a company that remained ethical and the consequences of that action.

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    Explain the importance of ethical responsibility.

    The importance of ethical responsibility lies within an holistic conceptual framework toward corporate governance wherein a company is concerned ensuring that all of its policies and processes are ethically sound. Ethical responsibility is imperative because companies shouldn't only focus on the profit-generating motive but must also ensure that they remain committed to engaging in fair practices, not exploiting people or the environment for unnecessary gains, and being a positive example within the community. Companies possess ethical responsibilities to their employees, customers and society as a whole, and this is why ethical responsibility is a necessary function for companies to focus upon. Ethical responsibility is necessitated so that employees have the autonomy to make informed decisions about their careers; customers can expect to receive precisely what they are paying for; and communities that provide the crux of a company's business can receive investments from the company for the communities future as the well-being of any company depends on the community.

    Therefore, companies must establish social responsibility ...

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    Organizational ethics and responsibility in the 21st century. Contains information regarding ethical practices in business and the benefits of being an ethical organization.