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    Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility at Ford Motor

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    What are some elements of corporate culture and policies at Ford Motor Company that impact their Corporate Social Responsibility? Consider their stated environmental policy, cultural diversity policy, equal employment opportunity (EEO), and so on.

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    Ford Motor Company has a rich history in the American landscape as a leader in the automotive industry. The name Ford has been synonymous with success since Mr. Henry Ford started his company in 1903. The rich culture and history however have been tested by the competition over the past century.

    Technology and a focus on lean manufacturing by Japanese companies such as Toyota put Ford's back against the wall during the 80's and going through the 90's. Upon entering the 21st century, Ford not only faced stiff competition, they were also about to face one of the most difficult economic decades of Americas history as Government bailouts of automotive factory's began to occur in 2008. In addition to these challenges, there was an ever increasing outcry from environmentalists to stop automotive pollution on a global scale. Ford needed good leadership and some hard changes to its way of doing business if it were ...

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    In depth analysis of the corporate culture at Ford Motor Company and their attitude toward Social Responsibility with APA references.