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    Environmental Management Program

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    1.There are five elements of a comprehensive environmental management system: waste minimization and prevention, demand-side management, design for environment, product stewardship, and full-cost accounting.

    Part 1: Name two companies that have incorporated all five elements into their environmental management programs. Describe how these elements have been incorporated.

    Part 2: What one company has fallen short on one or all of these elements? Where has it fallen short?

    Provide examples and research to support your thinking.

    2.Select an industry or business that has adopted foundational global standards. What specifically has this company done that will continue to bring a positive impact to CSR from the global standards perspective? Cite your sources. Provide examples and research to support your thinking.
    Does southwest do business with sustainability and the global village in mind?
    How does southwest meet the standards put forth in the readings and articles?
    What has been your experience? How do the countries to which companies expand respond?

    Cite at least two sources.

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    Part 1: An organization that has incorporated all five elements into their environmental management program is the Ford Motor Company. This organization has incorporated waste minimization and prevention into its environmental management program by seeking to recycle as many of its metallic waste products as possible, as well as to utilize the most advanced toxic emission reduction and filtration devices at its facilities. This organization has incorporated demand-side management by producing hybrid cars which helps to reduce the demand for gas by consumers due to the fact that these cars are partially electric. This organization has incorporated design for environment by producing low toxic emission vehicles, electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. This organization has incorporated product stewardship by ensuring that its products are as environmentally friendly and safe as possible, by primarily reducing the toxic emissions that are produced by each of its vehicles. This organization incorporates full cost accounting into its environmental management program by ensuring that the social and economic advantages and disadvantages in respect to the costs associated with these products are all taken into consideration before their production.

    Another organization that has ...