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Marketplace considerations for implementing ISO 14000

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What are marketplace considerations for implementing ISO 14000?

Does implementing ISO 14000 provide a company with a competitive advantage?

Give a brief overview of how a hospital or another company of your choice has used ISO 14000 to leverage a competitive advantage?

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ISO 14000 is composed of a series of international standards on environmental management system. It outlines the foundation and framework to be used as basis in developing an environmental management system together with the supporting audit program. It focuses on providing the organization a process-driven set of standards necessary for good environmental performance.

ISO 14000 is important because it can help organizations operate more efficiently, minimize risk and liability, maintain competitiveness in the marketplace, and it will improve relations with the regulatory bodies. One of the reasons of its implementation is the global market's need to use environmentally friendly products. In the hope to fulfill corporate environmental accountability, organizations and consumers have a rapid demand of "green" products in the 1990s. Consumers are now willing to buy products for a good cause and corporate environmental activism contributes to the demand. Studies have shown that consumers' perception of an organization's response to corporate environmental responsibility is the next important factor in their purchasing decisions after price and quality of a product. Organizations desire to get certified under ISO 14000 to prove to the ...

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What are marketplace considerations for implementing ISO 14000? Does implementing ISO 14000 provide a company with a competitive advantage? If so, how?

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