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    Green Initiatives Implemented Sustainability

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    Evaluate a business that has not implemented a sustainability plan or is currently working toward one. Must determine what initiatives the company has implemented, what driving forces initiated the transformation, and what the benefits have been or might be if the company has not started the plan. The assignment will help me gain an understanding of elements necessary for a company to transform to sustainability. Must address:
    -What are some green initiatives the company is implementing?
    -Identify what you feel are driving forces behind those initiatives?
    - Has the company implemented International Organization for Standards (ISO) 14000 protocols?
    - If yes, what is the current benefit or effect they are having?
    - If not, what is the potential benefit of effect to the company if they were

    Choose for any of the following companies to use:
    1. Shell
    2. Exxon
    3. McDonald's
    4. British Petroleum
    5. BA
    6. Ryanair
    7. BAA
    8. The Coca-Cola Company
    9. E.ON U.S.Â
    10. British Gas

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    Please find guidelines and ideas for writing about Green initiatives and sustainability plan of a company in the attached file.


    Sustainability Plan for McDonalds

    Natural resources and Health of consumers have become the most important aspect of the growth of the business firm. Pollution, unstable human activities, wastage of water, land and energy, etc., has increased the anxiety of a business firm. McDonalds is very much concerned about the environmental protection and greenery, so it has implemented various practices to protect the environment and energy (Blackburn, 2007).
    McDonalds is one of the biggest fast food family restaurants, which operate in more than 120 countries and serve more than 47 million customers in a day (McDonalds: About Company, 2010). This paper presents a sustainability plan for the protection of environment and establishes green initiatives for the McDonalds Incorporation. In addition, the paper also concentrates on the driving forces that support green initiative for the environmental sustainability. This plan also discusses about the benefits of the Implementation of International Organization for Standards (ISO) 14000.
    Sustainability Plan
    Maintaining the qualities such as human life, clean water and suitable climate that are valued in the atmosphere is termed as environmental sustainability. There are various resources and factors, which contribute directly or indirectly in maintaining the quality of environment (Blackburn, 2007). The various aspects of environment that produce renewable resources are water, solar energy and timber. In this present scenario, most people want to maintain the capabilities inherent in the natural environment to sustain the conditions of living and the beauty of environment. In this direction, McDonalds has also focused on some green initiatives.
    Green Initiatives of McDonalds to Implement a Sustainability Plan
    As McDonalds is operating in all over the world, the green initiative of the company also varies according to the market and the environment. For example, in Australasia, McDonalds is concerned about the wastage of Water, whereas in Japan, the company is worried for the wastage of land ...

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