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This post addresses social influences on corporate culture.

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Sustainability and green technology are fast becoming the buzzwords of the century. But what do these terms really mean in practice, and how will these changes impact corporate culture and values and thus, influence your own business career? Please provide reference to support your position.

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The solution provides a detailed discussion with references regarding sustainability and green technology, and how these factors impact corporate cultures, values, and your own business career. References are also provided.

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Companies that are sustainable have several advantages, and those using a combination of sustainability along with strategically developed green technology practices have an even greater advantage. As reports show, companies with sustainable business practices are able to actually create more opportunities, and it also appeals to customer values (Tracey, 2006). As the above statement discusses, because sustainability and green technology have become buzzwords in recent years, many companies are developing programs that they believe qualify as sustainable and using green technology. While all motives to improve sustainability are good, many companies are doing so to attract new investors and to improve their corporate image, but really haven't encompassed the full extent of being a ...

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