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    How to deal with Corporate Culture

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    List some of the facets of corporate culture and highlight how it affects employees and how employees may cope with the pressures produced by corporate culture.

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    According to Bryce (2006), "corporate culture deals with how we see ourselves and others. We act on our perceptions, not necessarily what occurs in reality. The culture greatly influences our perceptions and behavior. For example, our values and beliefs may distort what happens in fact. Gossip, propaganda, and sensational press deal with what people want to hear, not necessarily what happens in reality." (para. 7)


    To negotiate means to discuss with the intent to ...

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    This solution highlights some of the social facets of corporate culture, how theses facets affect employees, and how the employees may cope with the pressures produced by this environment. Corporate culture merely recognizes how employer and employee think, feel and act. A business culture is more likely to follow the precepts of the mission statement that shapes its outcome. This 310 word article includes citations and expands upon these concepts.