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    Environmental scanning, corporate culture, stakeholders

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    Define "environmental scanning, and give a real world example:

    Explain at least 6 factors that make-up the external business environment:

    Define "stakeholders:

    Define "corporate culture":

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    1. & 2. Environmental scanning: Environmental scanning is to look at the world that includes your business and define the positives and negatives, predict upcoming events, and make decisions based on those findings. The environmental business is both internal and external and includes anything that touches the business and how it operates and does business. Internal issues of employment, wages, operations, shipping and receiving, accounting and finances along with overall management are part of an environmental scan. The external environment is made up of financial issues (banking, credit), marketing (competition, alternatives, pricing, ...

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    Definitions of environmental scanning and external environment with examples from the "real" world. Explanation of corporate culture and stakeholders.