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    Provide an appropriate application in the workplace for two of the three following thinking strategies:

    1)Scanning: The constant search for information that impacts the current and future assumptions of the organization.

    2)Multivariate thinking: The ability to balance many dynamic variables simultaneously and discern relationships among them.

    3)Envisioning: The ability to see future states as vivid visual images.

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    //Prior to talk about the application of the 'Scanning Strategy', we have to first of all, understand the precise meaning of the scanning strategy, in order to easily realize the application of this strategy at Workplace. So, firstly, we will talk about this Strategy under the heading of the Introduction, for example: //

    Introduction: Scanning Strategy

    As we all know that today's world is full of uncertainties, hence it becomes very important for an organization to keep continuous knowledge for environmental changes, which may affect their future. For all those organizations, which want to compete in the present competitive environment, it is crucial to set up an organized method of gathering information regarding their external influences. Scanning of external & internal influences provides an opportunity to all the employees of an organization to take part in its strategic planning process.

    An organization is a result of its environment as its continued existence and all of its perceptions, possessions, troubles, and prospects are generated and accustomed by the environment. Thus, it becomes very important for an organization to scrutinize the pertinent changes emerging in its environment and create different strategies to become accustomed to these changes. If an organization wants to survive and prosper, it becomes necessary for its strategist to master the challenges of the intensely changing political, economic, technological, social, and regulatory factors of environment (Patricia, 1997).

    //Above, we discussed about the Scanning strategy, which mainly assists in strategic planning process. With the help of this strategy, one can easily examine the related changes emerging in its environment. As per the directions, now we will talk about the 'Importance of the Scanning' to make clear that how efficiently scanning strategy develop an Organization's capabilities to cope with the dynamic environment.//

    Importance of Scanning

    An organization cannot develop its strategic planning process unless and until it takes into account the relevant environmental influences. Knowledge of environmental changes promises potential advantage to an organization so that they can fight with their competitors. With ...

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