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    Forensic Psychology: Hostage Negotiation

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    taking situation and the negotiation process. The forensic psychologist works as consultant and even assists as an intergrated member by providing the necessary information and techniques that needed in order to resolve the situation peacefully (Ainsworth, 2002). Furthermore, the psychologist will identify the various needs of the hostage taker and the hostages and offers advice of how to build an effective communication (Ainsworth, 2002).


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    Negotiations Competencies

    As far as psychological competencies go - the skillset by which police officers and law enforcement employers are trained on by their psychological experts - foremost of which are forensic, criminal and police psychologists include the understanding of human motivation towards a particular behavior or an outcome. According to Miller (2015) who is forensic psychologist closely working law enforcement, "hostage negotiation is all about psychology, and successful crisis negotiators are among the most skilled practical psychologists I've ever met. Think about it: In the typical hostage scenario, lives are at imminent risk of ...

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