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Police Psychology: Exploring the subspecialty

an explanation of the need for and contributions that forensic psychology professionals working in the police sub-specialty can make to the emergency response team also research findings that a forensic psychology professionals working in the police sub-specialty could use when working with your chosen emergency response team.

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Forensic Psychology: Police Sub-specialty

Forensic psychology, just like most fields include a number of subspecialties. One of these is known as police psychology which focuses on issues and concerns that deal with police personnel and related public workers as explained by Bartol & Bartol (2006) to be: "the research and application of psychological principles and clinical skills to law enforcement and public safety. Included in the term 'police' is a range of primarily public agents (i.e. sheriffs, deputies, fish & wildlife officers, airport security personnel, marshals, constables, and other types of state and federal agents...Psychologists today perform pre-employment psychological assessment and evaluations for a variety of special situations, including fitness-for-duty, assignment to special units (i.e. SWAT teams) and deadly-force incidents. Some provide counseling and therapies to officers, their families, assist in hostage negotiations and conduct workshops on stress management."


To think of the subspecialties of police ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) in exploring the sub-speciality of police psychology, with a focus on fit-for-duty assessments and emergency response applications. resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.