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Communication: Conflict Resolution in Law Enforcement

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Conflict Resolution and Special Groups

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology in law enforcement.
Identify issues affecting communication with diverse groups.
Explain the stages of conflict resolution.
Describe strategies for negotiating hostage situations.

Read Ch. 10 and 12 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals.

Grubb, R. E. Jr., & Hemby, K. V.. (2003). Effective communication for criminal justice
professionals. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group.

Provide examples of how criminal justice professionals can best communicate with the
following diverse groups:

Persons with hearing impairments
Gang members
The elderly

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Technology, Communication & Conflict resolution

Technology endows law enforcement with the capacity to answer the challenges of a very dynamic society. As technology evolves so does crime & law enforcement must keep up & stay in control, hence law enforcement criminals are trained in whatever technology is necessary in the field from the needs of SWAT, to specializations forensic science & of late, cybercrime. Technology does not come cheap. Tasers for example are expensive and so is the annual budget for training and retraining in various technologies. Phoenix PD paid $3.2 million for their 2007 Taser budget alone in 2007. A police department operates on annual budgets and allocation of this if one is prioritized means letting go of the other. DNA technology used to be very expensive; hence there is still a massive backlog in the creation of databases nationwide. In terms of Cybercrime, the upkeep on hardware must be annually maintained, Information technology in terms of the latest technologies is the fastest growing; what is the top of the range today gets to be obsolete in less than 24 months. Communication & Information technology however is an area of focus & concern in law enforcement as through it, efficiency in terms of law enforcement is increased & relations are built internally & with the ...

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The Solution explores communication techniques used in law enforcement & criminal justice used in conflict resolution involving minority & special groups - the elderly, the hearing impaired, the disabled, gang members, ex-convicts, etc. Stages of conflict resolution are also explored including hostage negotiation. Word version is attached for easy printing.