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Mindless Situation Example

Think of a situation that you are willing to share in which you or someone you know acted 'mindlessly', rather than thoughtfully. This should be a situation that did not turn out well. To help you choose your scenario - first consult the web sites below to learn about decision making.

- Describe your situation. Explain the mindlessness of the situation.- Use critical thinking concepts to identify more effective thinking strategies that could have been utilized in your situation. They must be research-based.
- Identify what the outcome might have been in your situation if those critical thinking skills had been used. What would have been a positive outcome for your situation?
Research the Internet, library and/or your textbook to identify critical thinking concepts. The thinking strategies that you discuss must be research-related, not personal opinions.

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The solution analyses examples of 'mindless' behavior from a personal standpoint and via decision-making theory in 643 words with references.