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    Mindless Situation Example

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    Think of a situation that you are willing to share in which you or someone you know acted 'mindlessly', rather than thoughtfully. This should be a situation that did not turn out well. To help you choose your scenario - first consult the web sites below to learn about decision making.



    - Describe your situation. Explain the mindlessness of the situation.- Use critical thinking concepts to identify more effective thinking strategies that could have been utilized in your situation. They must be research-based.
    - Identify what the outcome might have been in your situation if those critical thinking skills had been used. What would have been a positive outcome for your situation?
    Research the Internet, library and/or your textbook to identify critical thinking concepts. The thinking strategies that you discuss must be research-related, not personal opinions.

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    As you think of a situation that you are willing to share in which you or someone you know acted mindlessly, rather than thoughtfully, I have an example from my former workplace to exemplify mindlessness and its consequences for a team as well as stakeholders.

    As a team of educators for troubled teens, my group was creating and then sending home an invitational/promotional flyer for a family night that evening. Since our team was multitasking, overwhelmed, pressed for time, disgruntled, and on autopilot, the member who drafted the letter did it mindlessly. She was new to the workplace, had only a month of work there, and merely volunteered to type.

    Our team failed to collaborate and brainstorm to make effective decisions and problem solve. Instead, we quickly told her to type it without offering specifics to include/invite students' entire extended family members, neighbors, friends, coaches, mentors, pastors, priests, and other community contacts. In contrast, the author of the letter simply wrote "Bring your parents to parent night tonight at 7PM," ...

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    The solution analyses examples of 'mindless' behavior from a personal standpoint and via decision-making theory in 643 words with references.