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personal philosophy of education

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Describe your personal philosophy of education

?Include an additional section that introduces your personal philosophy and provides specifics.

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First of all, as you create your own paragraph to describe your own, unique personal philosophy of education, I offer you my own notes as guidance. Thus, please note that I am a Constructivist in theory and practice; thus, I strongly believe that all students should actively make meaning through socialization activities and questioning within my content area. I also believe in the power of writing to make meaning relevant to students' lives. I do not believe in "drill and kill" worksheets or mindless activities where kids are passive learners through merely teachers' lecturing. How do you feel?

Instead, please note that I believe firmly endorse, as Vygotsky suggests, that all learning is social. In other words, I structure my classroom into weekly cooperative learning teams where students all have specific roles and discover meaning through active and collaborative ...

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Ideas to formulate a personal philosophy of education are generated.

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