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A Personal Philosophy of Education

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What is your personal philosophy of education,and what are your expectations if you were to take a course in Esol and the reasons for teaching bilingualism today

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Catholic Philosophy of Education:

Catholic Philosophy holds that the teacher is following the example of the greatest teacher Jesus Christ. A Catholic teacher should be compassionate, friendly, and understanding; one who takes every learner as his responsibility and considers his teaching job as a Vocation, a calling, a Mission. This Mission is the total development of every person as a Human Being; as a Man, not only of knowledge, but also of wisdom, skills, attitudes and concern for the common good.

A Catholic teacher respects every person as a unique creation of God, distinct in physical, emotional, intellectual and cultural ...

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A brief presentation of a catholic philosophy as a personal philosophy of education. It includes some expectations on teaching and learning English for students who speak other languages, and a justification for Bilingualism.

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