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    Aesthetics and Art Education

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    Write a response on your personal philosophy on integrating the arts into elementary curriculum. In your reflection, complete the following:

    Defend the necessity of arts education.
    Define your personal philosophy of Arts education.
    Include a standards-based definition of aesthetics.
    Include your personal definition of aesthetics.

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    Defend the necessity of arts education:

    Arts education is a necessary component of the core curriculum because there are people whose learning is based on visual, hands-on educational activities. The history of mankind is rooted in the artistic expression of its varied cultures and peoples, and an understanding of art is necessary to understand history (and other "academic" subjects). Art provides these activities and events that deepen understanding of humankind. Also, Art activities are, ideally, open-ended activities, allowing creative and thoughtful, varied solutions, which is also important in giving students critical-thinking, problem-solving activities that are real-world based. Few other subjects allow for such a wide range of possible ...

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    Diecussion and Web-based definition of aesthetics, and the necessity of including arts education in elementary education, including what art education should encompass.