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    Doodling for Effective Communication in Organizations

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    According to Evans (2014), doodling is a way to unclock creativity, enhance ecall and light up neural networks that result in cognitive discoveries. High-profile companies such as Disney, Dell and Zappos.com have learned to use doodling or sketching as a visual language in their organization as a means to encourage and motivate their employees to become more creative and productive.
    Doodling may be perceived as a pointless and mindless child's play n the past but it is actually a sign that one is engaged and learning. Studies have proven that doodling enhances cognition. The act of doodling prevents losing focus as it can anchor task, helps meeting participants stay engaged in a meeting and even in a solo brainstorming session.
    As one starts sketching or doodling, serious intellectual thoughts start to progress as doodling helps one look for new perspectives from other angles. By drawing spontaneous sketches, more information comes up allowing higher capacity to solve a problem. Doodling is engaging in a physical, intellectual and creative activity that stirs up the doodler's neurological networks instantaneously.
    Aside from seeing the world in a fresh perspective, doodling can ...

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    * Doodling/Sketching described and explained, doodling process, how it can be used as an effective tool for communication in organizations, how it can detract effective communication
    * Reason/s why some people need training in doodling to facilitate effective communication
    * Reason/s why some people's extent to doodle varies
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