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    Effective Commincation Case Study Analysis

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    Select one of the following case studies:

    The selected is The Katrina Kalamity, Ch. 13, which is attached in a PDF file.

    -Write a case study analysis in which you evaluate the effectiveness of communication between an organization and its publics.

    *Evaluate the effectiveness of the communication between the organization and its intended public(s) in the case study, including the following:

    *Identify the different publics involved in the case study. Differentiate between the internal and external publics involved. What impact did the communications have on the intended public(s)? Could the message have been communicated more effectively? How?

    *Identify the different PR communication tools and techniques that were used to inform, influence, and motivate the public(s) in the case. Evaluate the benefits and risks of using these tools. What other tools would you have used?

    *If this crisis were to occur today, how would new technologies, such as the Internet, affect this case? Because of the recent globalization of markets, would the outcome of this case be different if the events occurred today?

    -Format according to APA standards & provide all references used.


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    Effective Communication: The Katrina Kalamity

    The given case study is related to public relations communication tools used under the situation of Katrina Kalamity. Communication tools help to create strong relations and confidence among the investors. Communication is one of the basic functions that improve the relationship between organization and public (Baskin & Toth, 2007). Communication is the sum of all things that one person does when he wants to create an understanding in the mind of another (Taylor, 2005). With the help of regular communication, the organizations can develop confidence, trust and sense of being valued among the internal and external public in an effective manner.
    Latest trends and communication technologies helps the organization to utilize the market opportunities and creating competitive advantage to become successful in the business at the international level (Kotler, 2002). By means of the following paper, the reader would be able to analyze those parameters that are associated with the effective communication between organization and public. In addition, the report will also explain about the PR tools and techniques that are used by the company in the given case study with advantages and risks.
    Public Involved in the Communication Process
    Communication transmits information not only about tangible facts & determinable ideas and opinions but also about emotions (Kotler, 2002). According to the given case study on Katrina Kalamity, in the communication process mainly two types of public are involved, internal public and external public.
    Internal public involved the people who work in the organizations like nonprofit organizations like United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta (UWMA), personnel of media channels, news channels, reporters, TV reporters and Red Cross volunteer people, staff of hospital, colleges, universities and public school systems. External public involved in the case study are federal, local and state official, the citizens ...

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