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    Case Study Analysis

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    Create a case study using the attached files.
    The Keyboard Company is a medium sized manufacturing firm supplying computer knowledge to many national computer manufacturers. The company has experienced rapid growth since its beginning and is now moving into advanced electronics from the electro-mechanically assembly of the past. At one of the company's meetings it was decided that to achieve the "organizational excellence" the company was seeking, they should start an internal OD consulting group. The company ran an ad in the Wall Street Journal and the president of the company, along with a consultant, selected four young MBA's. These four and one young internal prospects from human resources formed the OD group...
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    Case Analysis Form

    I. Problems
    A. Macro
    1. Organization Structural Issues_____________________________________

    2. Relationships amongst roles______________________________________

    B. Micro

    1. Resistance to change______________________________________________
    2. Middle managers not involved in decision making______________________

    II. ...

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