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Case Study Analysis Oil and Gas Industry

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The Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory is a tool to assess the organizational readiness before planning and implementing an evaluation. Please review Effective Training A Case Study From the Oil & Gas Industry by Eliane T. Cullen (Attached in four parts). It is an examination of the steps for undertaking a training implementation and the affect of culture. Please read the case and answer the following questions:

1.Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case
2.Was the organization ready for the training? Should management should have done more planning?
3.Was the training effective? Why or why not? What could have been done using the Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory?
4.Should the organization evaluate the training program? Why? How could this be done?

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1.Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case

The case, developed by Elaine T. Cullen, gathered detailed study on the culture of the oil and gas industry. The data gathered were demographic patterns, environmental issues, work practices, occupational norms and values, workplace taboos and prohibitions, language unique to the oil and gas (O & G) culture, beliefs common to workers particularly beliefs about safety, geographical differences from one oil field to another, recognized heroes and mentors, stories told by members, differences in company cultures, among others.
Specific information gathered in the study were:
- Drill rig site, name, company and method
- Location and size of workforce
- Union affiliation
- Contractors
- Rough percentage of new hires (workers with less than a year of experience)
- General workforce demographics
- Training required and who provided it
- Preferred materials/media for training, including available facilities
- Common beliefs and perceptions about safety and work hazards
- Work practices and how work is assigned to different workers
- Best practices and/or company policies concerning operations ...

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This solution is an analysis of the Oil and Gas Industry in the United States. It showed how training pre-planning can be used as input to improve productivity.

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