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    Training Implementation and the Affect of Culture

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    The Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory is a tool to assess the organizational readiness before planning and implementing an evaluation. Please review Effective Training A Case Study From the Oil & Gas Industry by Eliane T. Cullen in Grantham's Ebscohost Library. It is an examination of the steps for undertaking a training implementation and the affect of culture. Please read the case and answer the following questions:

    1. Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case.
    2. Was the organization ready for the training? Should management have done more planning?
    3. Was the training effective? Why or why not? What could have been done using the Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory?
    4. Should the organization evaluate the training program? Why? How could this be done?

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    Evaluation: Necessary to Determine Effectiveness of Training

    In Effective Training A Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry (2011), Elaine Cullen explains the importance of understanding the culture and its' components before addressing training needs. The case study outlines the questions and research that took place prior to NIOSH developing training videos for the oil and gas industry. Cullen points out that the workers in high-risk industries like mining and oil and gas typically do not identify themselves by the company which they work for, but instead by the occupation which they work. The article points out the similarity of the mining industry with the oil and gas industry in terms of worker's attitudes. This was helpful information for NIOSH to use since it had previously made successful training videos for the mining industry. NIOSH relied heavily on ethnography (the study of human cultures) to determine the best way to address the oil and gas workers effectively. The article addresses the affect of culture in regards to understanding the best mode of communication with workers, determining the best spokespeople, how to appeal to the entire audience, and how to avoid common errors in addressing training needs. The method of current information transfer was determined as well as the official and unofficial chains of command. The purpose was to create safety training that would be effective in preventing accidents. It was determined that this could be done by having credible, compelling and interesting content and utilizing key players who were ...

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    This detailed solution looks at the "Effective Training: A Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry" and provides a summary of the case, discusses if the organization was ready for training, if training was effetive, and if organizaiton should evaluate training program. It discusses the Full Scope Evaluation Pre-Planning Inventory as well. References included.