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    Opportunities for BSSL in South America

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    Blue Star Steamship Lines (BSSL), Inc., wants to explore South American oil reserves.

    For the past ten years, BSSL has wanted to develop lucrative South American oil reserves for its exploration, drilling, refining, and transport division; BSSL's Oil Division has been limited to Siberia and the South China Sea up to this date, and was precluded from entry into business in Iraq by United States law and U.N Sanctions.

    Discuss whether the present situation in South America presents new opportunities for BSSL to expand its market share into South America, the legal and ethical risks and benefits, both short term and long term, of attempting to do so, and identify the government(s) and/or organization(s) with whom BSSL should deal should the company embark on a business venture in South America.

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    //The given document is based on Blue Star Steamship Lines (BSSL), Inc. which aims to explore its business in South America. Prior to determine, whether, the Company should explore or not; it is better to understand various opportunities available for it in the South American market. In this sequence, the first part of the discussion is including the opportunities for the Company in S.A.//

    Opportunities for BSSL in South America

    The US is said to be the world's largest producer, consumer and net importer. It stands on the eleventh position in terms of oil reserves. The US is having 21.9 billion barrels of oil reserves, as stated in Oil and Gas Journal of January 2005.

    Present situation in South America and new opportunities for BSSL to expand its market share into South America: In recent years, the continent is experiencing rapid economic growth due to increasing oil prices. But there is a shortage of energy for oil and gas production. Meanwhile, greater state involvement in energy industry is a threat for oil production in parts of South America (Bolivia and Venezuela). The South America government also gives little importance to the energy policy, which is a barrier to the economic growth of South America.

    According to the research, proven oil reserves in South America are about 89.5 ...

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