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    Read these landmark cases:

    Heart of Atlanta Hotel v. U.S.

    Katzenbach v. McClung

    These cases upheld the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as being a constitutional exercise of Congressional power under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The leisure group of BSSL owns and operates several hotels and casinos, one of which is "The Queen of The Nile" casino, on the Mississippi River waterfront in New Orleans. This Egyptian themed hotel and casino is quite popular with Arab-Americans and visitors who are citizens of nations in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
    Recent events in the Middle East have led to an increase in anti-Arab sentiment, and several fringe groups have actually resorted to violence against persons who appear or are believed to be of Middle Eastern decent and damage to properties they own or frequent. In recent weeks, BSSL and the hotel have received threats against the property and its guests via mail, phone, and e-mail. In response, BSSL has circulated a memo to employees advising them of the threats and has increased security patrols on the premises. Last night, one or more snipers shot at arriving and departing guests who appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent; two guests and one employee were injured and there was damage to several doors and windows near the hotel entrance.

    Additional threats against the hotel have been received, threatening bombings and additional violence unless BSSL stops allowing persons believed to be Arab-Americans or others of Middle Eastern descent to stay at or visit the hotel property; several employees have claimed to be sick and have failed to appear at work this morning; Arab-American groups and others are threatening a boycott of BSSL products and services worldwide if the company acquiesces to the blackmail.

    Discuss the legal and ethical considerations raised by this situation and make a recommendation to the Board as to what actions BSSL should take.

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    The given case is about BSSL. The company runs a large number of hotels and casinos. The hotels and casinos made on Egyptian theme are very popular in Arab-Americans and people of Middle East and Northern Africa. Recently, these areas are facing a great degree of violence. In the same series, BSSL received threats against the property and the customers. In the response of this situation, the company ordered it employees to increase the securities in its hotels.

    Last night, the company had a violent attack in which two people were injured and the company had a loss of its property. BSSL has been also receiving additional threats and violence. BSSL was informed that, it will have to face continuous threaten if it does not stop continuous visits of the visitors. Due to this situation, the employees of BSSL did not attend the offices and some of them fell sick. On the other hand, Arab-Americans are bestowing about the boycott of BSSL products, if the company agrees with the blackmail given to it. This situation will raise several ethical and legal ...

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    This response addresses the queries posed in 689 Words, APA Reference