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    Evaluate Communication Techniques

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    1. What impact, positive or negative, has electronic media had in communicating business-related information?
    2. As a manager, what factors might you consider in selecting the most effective communication tools for your employees? For internal leadership? For your external stakeholders?
    3. What, in your opinion, are the most important communication skills an effective manager should have to be successful in a diverse work environment? Provide your rationale.
    4. What do you see as the most significant communication tools that have emerged during the past five years that managers are using to make a positive difference in organizations?

    Support your paper with a minimum of five (5) external resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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    1. What impact electronic media has in communicating business-related information.

    Digital media has successfully enabled businesses to reach more customers by accessing social media tools such as Facebook fans, which also has email and text message subscribers, allowing the business to send messages to consumers with just a touch of a button. Digital media has given businesses the ability to use more options when seeking to get word out about their businesses and enables them to create media that is a combination of audio, visual, text and interactive media. This mixed media can appeal to a larger audience with differentiated preferences.

    In essence, new technology such as electronic media has been an asset for businesses with the onslaught of smartphones and laptops necessary for using digital media also making communication among employees much easier. Therefore, electronic media has had a positive impact on communicating business-related information both to consumers and employees.

    2. As a manager, what factors in selecting the most effective communication tools for your employees? For internal leadership? For your external stakeholders?

    The factors that impact the type of effective communication tools that a business will choose are placated upon the type of organizational environment that exists within the organization. Some organizations have downward communications wherein the employees receive information that comes from the top to the bottom. In these types of organizations, the leadership, which consists of a model wherein the leader establishes the paradigm for the organization, and subsequently gives out the strategy to subordinates under the leader, who then is responsible for ensuring that every employee receives a copy of the strategic plan, which includes the organization's mission, vision, values statement, strategic goals and strategies about how those goals will be reached.

    Under this paradigm, the up-to-date personnel policies are given to employees, which establishes the basic set of procedures that will dictate how routine tasks within the organization are conducted as employees ...

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    Evaluate Communication Techniques